How’s the New Year treating you? We hope you’re off to a strong start! At Lost in Japanglish we’re diving headfirst into our goals to bring you fun, fresh podcasts and Academy content! And, we’d love your help! Please tell us what you enjoy, what you would like more of or less of, and if you’re an Academy member, your thoughts about the courses.


In addition to Lost in Japanglish, we’re also both working on our own personal goals. In today’s episode we talk New Years resolutions. We’re borrowing ideas to create an eclectic home we love and take a page from Yakko’s grandpa on exercise.

ロスジャパの目標に加え、私たちの個人にも当然目標があります。今日のエピソードでは、新年の抱負について、色々な雰囲気を楽しめる家づくりのアイディアについて、そして Yakko のおじいちゃんと体操にまつわる思い出話について語ります。それでは早速覗いて見ましょう。

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