Steve Jobs was infamous for wearing the same thing every day. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook also has a uniform of sorts. While uniforms are not commonplace in the American workplace, you still see them from time to time in Japanese companies.


Do you like the idea of a daily uniform or would you prefer to wear different outfits everyday? In today’s episode Cheechan shares her vision of a work uniform and a wardrobe of classic clothes, while Yakko goes for simplicity and the convenience of cargo pants.

みなさんは、制服を日常的に着るのと毎日服を変えるのとどちらがいいですか?今回のエピソードでは Cheechan が仕事用の制服や流行りにとらわれない上品なクラシックスタイルの洋服について話をする中、Yakko はシンプルな服とカーゴパンツの利便性について語ります。

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