Childhood can encapsulate a whole other world of unique cultural practices. As American children, we had the #2 yellow pencils with the pink erasers that mostly smeared your pencils marks to a big black spot. But, as Japanese children, we had dark green HB pencils with separate white erasers that actually erased.


We also had notebooks that opened from the left for American school and notebooks that open from the right for Japanese school. We practiced writing from left to right and from top to bottom. We learned to be adaptive to the bicultural environment.


But, as children of the 80s, Yakko & Cheechan loved many of the American classic toys, albeit, their interests were very different due to their tomboy and girly-girl natures. While Yakko was into dinosaurs, Transformers and Legos, Cheechan loved to play with makeup, Care Bears, and My Little Ponies.

子供時代を80年代に過ごした Yakko と Cheechan は、方やお転婆、方や女の子らしい女の子。趣味は違えど2人ともアメリカ定番のおもちゃが大好きでした。Yakko は恐竜、トランスフォーマー、LEGOにハマる中、Cheechan はお化粧、ケアベア、マイ・リトル・ポーニーで遊ぶのが大好きでした。

In today’s episode we travel back memory lane to some of our favorite pastimes as children.


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