One of the many differences between Japanese and American elementary schools is Japanese schools often have swimming pools where kids learn to swim. In America, most kids learn to swim from their parents or by taking swimming lessons from their local community pool.


In today’s episode Yakko shares her experience in the pool, and discovered how the Japanese kids swam without goggles! Despite being a competitive swimmer (or perhaps because of it), this was a no-go for Yakko!

今回のエピソードでは日本の子供がゴーグルを付けずに泳ぐという Yakko の発見を話します。元競泳選手である Yakko にとってゴーグル無しで泳ぐなんてあり得ません(むしろ選手であったからこそかもしれないが、、、)

Similarly, Cheechan shares her horror story of swimming in a triathlon relay and how she discovered her fear of open water.

その一方で Cheechan はトライアスロンリレーに参加した時の恐怖体験を語ります。Cheechan はその時初めて大自然の中で泳ぐことの恐怖を感じます!

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