Sometimes it seems like busy-ness has taken over the world. In both Japan and America, we are all so busy! Except maybe Yakko’s husband? (You have to listen to the podcast to get this joke.) 😉

世界中の人が忙しさに追われてる気になってしまう時があります。日本でもアメリカでもみんなとにかく忙しい、、、但し Yakko の旦那だけは違うかも?(その真相はポッドキャストを聞いてチェックしてみて下さい!)

In today’s episode, we compare notes on busy-ness in Japan vs. the States. As children, we had the double whammy of going to American school and Japanese school in addition to many extracurricular activities. It’s funny, and a little sad to compare how we played as kids, versus kids today, versus our parents as kids!


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