Japanese bento boxes are truly works of art with lots of colors, flavors, and creatively decorated foods. These lunches made with love by one’s wife are called Aisai lunches. How adorable!


Meanwhile, in the US, people often pack whole fruits such as bananas and apples, which clearly would not fit into the tiny bento boxes in Japan!


In this week’s podcast episode, we take on the different practices around lunch between Japan and the USA. And, we ask the tough questions, “What do you bring for lunch or do you go out with colleagues?” and, “How long do you take for lunch at work?” Finally, Yakko answers the critical question, “If it’s your first day at work, should you bring a lunch?”

今回のエピソードでは、お昼ご飯の違いについて語ります。「お昼ご飯は普段どんなものを持って行く?」それとも「会社の人と外に食べに行く?」。「仕事がある日のお昼時間はどのくらい?」などの質問が飛び交います。最後には「仕事の初日はお昼ご飯は持ってくるべき?」という気になる質問に対して Yakko が日本でのアドバイスをシェアします。

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