If Adele was Japanese, her song would be called, “Moshimoshi.” X-D (In Japan, that is what one says on the phone.)


As you might imagine, there are lots of commonalities and differences when it comes to greetings used in Japan vs the US. In this week’s podcast, we take a closer look at greetings such as “otsukaresama” and “itadakimasu.” We also unpack the American greeting, “How are you?” and, why the direct translation, “ogenkidesuka?” doesn’t work in Japan.

皆さんもご存知の通り、日本とアメリカの挨拶は似ているところもあれば違いもたくさんあります。今週のエピソードでは日本語特有の「お疲れさま」や「いただきます」などの挨拶にまつわる話をしながら、アメリカではひ耳にする「How are you?」がどのように使われているか、そしてその答え方について探ります。

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