Uchi-soto is a Japanese social custom of making a distinction between your inside people and outside people. The purpose of this division is to humble your in-group and honor your out-group.


This concept can apply to family, social, and work situations. The tricky part is, the in-group and out-group often changes depending on the social situation.


In today’s episode, we share how this custom shows up in our lives living in the gap between Japanese and American culture. We share our views and funny stories on how we deal with this deeply ingrained custom.

今回のエピソードでは、この内と外の関係がどのように私たちロスジャパ人間に影響するのか – そんなことを語り合います。珍事件なども踏まえながらこの文化の根が如何に深いものか、一緒に考えてみましょう。

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