What’s your must-see stop while traveling abroad? We love checking out local grocery stores! It’s fascinating to see all the produce and products, plus, you get unique insights into the culture.


While shopping in Japan, Cheechan was shocked at how noisy the grocery stores were and that you have to bag your own groceries. Meanwhile, Yakko misses the giant shopping carts and the little divider bar you’ll find in the US stores.

日本のスーパーに立ち寄った Cheechan は、店内の音が異常に大きく、買ったものを自分で詰めることを知ってビックリ!Yakko はアメリカのスーパーにあるとてつもなく大きい買い物カートやレジのところで使う仕切り棒へが懐かしいようです。

In today’s episode, we compare notes on shopping for groceries in Japan and America. And,  share our theories on why these differences exist. We also examine the current trends such as farmers’ markets and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture).


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