Dining often can bring on anxiety when you’re not familiar with the cultural etiquette. No one wants to make a faux pas! It’s good to study up beforehand.


In today’s episode, Cheechan shares a real-life story of a cultural clash of etiquette that happened at her Thanksgiving table with her Japanese family and her boyfriend’s American family.

今日のエピソードでは Cheechan がある出来事をシェアしていくれます。自分の日本の家族と彼氏のアメリカ人の家族がサンクスギビングの日に食事をしたときに遭遇した礼儀の違いです。

In Japanese culture, it’s common practice to serve men first at the table. However, in American culture, we have a “ladies first” practice. So what’s the right sequence? We share our insights in this podcast.


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