Learning a new language is no easy feat. So we commend you if you are studying English or Japanese!


In today’s episode, we dive into some of the tough spots for both Japanese and English learners. For Japanese learners, counting is a tough one, and Cheechan learns how to count pairs of chopsticks.

今日のエピソードでは英語や日本語を学ぶ上で苦労するところの一つ、数にまつわる話をします。例えばものの数え方は日本語を勉強する人にとっては非常に難しい!Cheechan も早速お箸の数え方について新たな発見をしました。

For English learners, groups of animals and baby animals can get confusing as there are so many names to learn! These are hard even for native speakers. Do you know what you call a group of ferrets? We share in the podcast!


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