Karaoke for stress management? Yes, please! Thanks to the Karaoke Boxes in Japan, many people enjoy karaoke as a way to decompress and reduce stress.


In today’s podcast, we explore the different ways we relax from the stresses of our day. While exercise, yoga, and meditation are popular ways people decompress in America, Yakko and Cheechan share their thoughts on the relaxing benefits of one of their favorites ways to truly relax at the end of each day.

今日のポッドキャストではストレスを発散したりストレスフリーにくつろぐ方法が日本とアメリカでどう違うのか、その違いを探ります。アメリカで人気なのは運動、ヨガ、瞑想。そして Cheechan と Yakko が1日の終わりにする大好きなくつろぎ方法とは?

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