The age requirement for drinking, voting, and driving often varies across the globe. In Japan, you can drive at the age of 18, but you officially become an adult at the age of 20.


Meanwhile, in the US, you can drive in most states at the age of 16, vote and buy tobacco at the age of 18, and drink and buy marijuana products at the age of 21.  


So how are these requirements enforced? In Japan, it’s really the honor system. In the US, people are carded. In today’s episode, Cheechan shares her stories of being Asian in the US, and how it’s hard to tell age with people of color!

さて、これらの規定の厳しさは?日本は信用ベースであることが本音でしょう。しかしアメリカではそうも行かず身分証の提示を求められます。今日のエピソードではアメリカ在住のアジア人としての体験談、そして有色人種の年齢を当てるのがいかに難しいかを Cheechan が語ってくれます。

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