It’s summer! This also means, we have a special guest, Machan joining us for this episode as she visits from Hawaii.

さぁ、いよいよ夏の到来です!ロスジャパで夏と言えば Maachan! そう、今日もスペシャルゲスト Maachan が登場してくれます!

In Seattle, the days are long and the weather is beautiful. Along with the change in weather, have you noticed there’s also a change in the foods we crave?


While Machan shares some of the favorite warm-weather eats of Hawaii, the Cheechan household breaks out the BBQ as a central part of their regular cooking.

今日のエピソードでは Maachan は大好きなハワイの食べ物を、そして Cheecan は我が家の人気メニューをシェアします。

Meanwhile, in Japan, Yakko is surviving the heat and humidity with cooling delicious eats such as somen and watermelon.

その一方 Yakko は日本の蒸し暑い夏に耐えながら、素麺や西瓜など日本の夏ならではの食材や料理の話をします。

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