What is wabi-sabi? It’s a Japanese philosophy of taking pleasure in the transience, imperfect, understated, and incomplete.


So what type of things evoke the feelings of wabi-sabi? In today’s episode, Yakko and Cheechan explore this topic and share their favorites including handmade pottery, wagashi, worn-in jeans, old dictionaries, and even evergreens and moss.


Wabi-sabi definitely goes hand in hand with the minimalism aesthetics, which is why Yakko and Cheechan both love the retail store Mujirushi (which translates to no brand). Ma, or space, is also important as we end the episode with a big pause! ????

勿論わびざびはミニマリズムの美的感覚に通じるところがあり、Yakko と Cheechan がMUJI製品を愛用する所以についても語ります。そして「間」の大切さも探りつつ、終盤には実際の「間」も登場っ(笑)!

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