Woohoo! Can you believe it? It’s our 100th episode!


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan share the origins of the Lost in Japanglish podcast, along with their long history as osananajimi (childhood friends).

今週の特別エピソードでは、ロスジャパの成り立ちとともに Yakko と Cheechan の歴史について語ります。

Yakko & Cheechan shared a lot together as small children in America. They swam on the same swim team, went to the same American elementary school, and the same Japanese school. Along with Cheechan’s sister, Machan, the threesome was inseparable.

幼なじみの2人はアメリカでは四六時中一緒でした。同じスイミングスクール、同じ現地校、そして同じ日本語補習校に通い、Cheechan の姉、Maachan とともに切っても切れない仲良し3人組。

That was, of course, until they were separated – by the Pacific Ocean. Yakko and her family moved back to Japan when she was still the tender age of 10. Yakko and Cheechan were devastated. But, one could argue that this event was the start of our Lost in Japanglish adventures.

勿論こんな日々は永遠に続くことはなく、10才くらいの多感な時期に Yakko の家族は日本へ帰国してしまいます。2人は当然ショックでこん睡状態っ(笑)!しかしこれこそがロスジャパの前兆だったのかもしれません。

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