What inspires you? Perhaps you’re inspired by great art or music. Or, simply by communing with nature. Inspiration is another core value here at Lost in Japanglish, and in this week’s episode, we take a closer look at how we like to live this value.


But first, we start with the rather challenging translation of the word inspiration. We were challenged to find an exact translation but explored some options for different scenarios.


Where do Yakko & Cheechan seek inspiration? Yakko loves to take walks and get inspired by exploration. Meanwhile, Cheechan often looks to inspirational books. One thing they both intentionally seek out is new experiences.

では Yakko と Cheechan はインスピレーションが欲しいとき何をするでしょうか?Yakko は散歩をして探検するのが大好き!Cheechan はインスピレーションが湧く本を読みます。そう2人に共通するのは新鮮な体験を求めるとこなのです。

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