When Yakko & Cheechan began Lost in Japanglish, they started with the question, “What’s really important to us and our listeners?” One of the answers they came up with is growth and it became a core value for the podcast.

Yakko と Cheechan がロスジャパを始めたとき「自分たちやリスナーのみなさんにとって一番大切なものは?」という質問から考えました。その一つが「伸びること、成長すること」。これはポッドキャストのコア・バリュー(中核となる価値観)の一つとなりました。

How do you incorporate growth in your life? In today’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan unpack this core value and how they “live” this value – everything from learning new skills to taking on challenges. Be sure to tune-in to learn more about the word of the day – kotsukotsu. 


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