We are in the Halloween spirit! In celebration of the holiday, this week Yakko & Cheechan dive into the world of mystical creatures. While some creatures are scary, such as Vampires and Oni (Japanese demons), others are fun and magical like the Kappa and Unicorns.


What do you do to celebrate Halloween? This year, Cheechan looks forward to trick-or-treaters in her new neighborhood, while Yakko contemplates checking out the Yamanote-sen Halloween party!

みなさんはどのようにハロウィーンを過ごしますか?Cheechan は今年、新しいご近所さんが trick-or-treat*をしにやってくるのを楽しみにしています。*trick-or-treatとは「トリックオアトリート!」と言いながら子供たちが近所の家を回ってお菓子をもらいに行くアメリカの慣習。

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