How “loud” do you talk with your hands? Are you animated and more likely to flail your hands? Or, perhaps you are more subdued and keep your hands down to your sides? Also, what language is your hand gestures? 


Gestures can vary from country to country and culture to culture and may even cause misunderstandings! In this week’s episode, we dive into some of the differences of gestures, such as the one for beckoning someone over to you or pointing to yourself.


Also in this episode, Yakko asks the great question, “When do you give hugs?” While hugs are common practice in America, you probably won’t get any in Japan. Cheechan shares her tips on when to dole out hugs. 

「ハグはどんな時にするの?」知っているようで知らない「ハグ」について Yakko が質問します。当然アメリカでは普通にみんなが行う何気ない仕草。日本人同士ではまず見ない光景ですよね?そこでどんな時に、どのようにハグをしたらいいか Cheechan がコツを教えてくれます!

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