When does one become an adult? That’s the question Yakko & Cheechan ask in this week’s podcast.

人はいつ大人になるでしょう?Cheechan と Yakko は今週のエピソードでそんな事を考えます。

First, there are the official adult ages. For example, legally, one is an adult at the age of 18 in the United States, though the drinking age is 21. In Japan, you are officially an adult at the age of 20. 


But, Yakko & Cheechan also examine what exactly is adulting and when they first felt like real adults. 

ところが Cheechan や Yakko にとって自身が大人になったと感じるようになったのはいつ頃からでしょうか?また2人にとって大人になること、大人らしい行動とはどんなことでしょうか?

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