In your home, do you keep the door to your bathroom or toilet open or closed when unoccupied? In Japan, it’s common practice to always keep the door closed. However, doors to restrooms are often left open in American homes.


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan examine bathroom etiquette and the differences between Japan and the US. From high-tech washlets to public restrooms, they cover it all!  You won’t want to miss Yakko’s fail story when she first came across a traditional Japanese toilet! ????

今週のエピソードでは両国のトイレにまつわる習慣の違いについて語り合います。日本のハイテクなトイレから公衆トイレまで色んなトイレが登場します、笑。そして Yakko が初めて和式トイレと遭遇した時の珍事件もお聴き逃し無く????!

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