We are definitely in some challenging and uncertain times as the situation with the coronavirus (COVID_19) continues to evolve. Nothing is more important than our health and safety as a global community. 


In this week’s podcast, Yakko & Cheechan share what they are doing to cope with their respective situations to stay healthy and hopeful. From hand-made facemasks to prevent excessing face touching to staying positive and engaged, they are both doing what they can to practice good self-care.

今週のエピソードではこの時期に Cheechan と Yakko がそれぞれ元気を保ち、気持ちが滅入らないようにどう過ごしているかについて語り合います。顔をなるべく触らないようにと手作りマスクを作ったり、ポジティブな気持ちを忘れないように可能な限りのセルフケアに取り組んでいます!

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