The stay-at-home orders due to the Covid-19 have put many of us into an unprecedented quarantine life at home. Yoga videos on YouTube, virtual dinner and house parties, and online puzzle breaks are just a few of the ways Yakko & Cheechan have stayed healthy and connected to friends and family.

新型コロナウィルスの影響により世界各地で外出禁止令が発令されてから、たくさんの人々が自宅での隔離生活を余儀なくされています。YouTube動画を観ながらヨガをやったり、ネットを駆使してお食事会やハウスパーティーをやってみたり、オンラインパズル休憩をとってみたり、Cheechan も Yakko も家族や友達とつながりながら健康を維持しています。

They share their best tips from trying new recipes to gardening to keep variety in their lives while staying safely at home. 


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