What do kimonos, karaoke, and washlets have in common? They all fall under the “Super Japanese” label. Super Japanese things are the things that are unique or representative of the country and culture. While some of the super Japanese things such as enka music and eating at a yatai are old school, there are also lots of modern super Japanese things such as robots and anime.


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan discuss what super Japanese things they have and like to do, such as wear a hanntenn and drink brown rice tea (genmaicha) and going to the karaoke box. 

Between Yakko & Cheechan, who do you think is more super Japanese?

今週のエピソードでは、Cheechan と Yakko にとっての「ど日本」がどのようなものか語り合います。例えば、半纏を着て玄米茶を飲んだり、あるいはカラオケに行ったり。さて2人のどっちの方が「ど日本」でしょう?

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