What do pumpkins, honey, and cupcakes have in common? They are all sweet treats and used as nicknames for our loved ones. Do you use a cute nickname for your special someone? In this week’s episode, Yako & Cheechan dive into the nicknames often used in Japan and the USA.


They also examine the use of pronouns and labels Japanese and English. Yakko & Cheechan share their personal favorites when it comes to labels. But, as it turns out, Yakko & Cheechan both are uncomfortable with the same pronouns – can you guess what they are? 

また両国で一般的に使う代名詞やその違いについても考えます。Cheechan と Yakko のお気に入りの代名詞とは?また極力避ける代名詞というのも2人の間で一致しているようです。さてその代名詞とは何でしょう?

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