“Who am I?” This is the question Yakko & Cheechan often ask themselves.

「自分はいったい何者?」これは Cheechan と Yakko が常に自分に問いかけること。

Authenticity is a core value at Lost in Japanglish. We believe when living a bicultural life, there can often be conflicts in expectations and norms. Knowing yourself and being true to who you are becomes a very important life skill. 


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan share their challenges and lessons learned in living authentically while navigating their bi-cultural worlds. 

今週のエピソードでは、バイカルチャーな毎日をおくる中での大変さや学びについて Cheechan と Yakko の体験を語り合います。

Also, this week’s feature pop quiz is on analogies and idioms. Listen in and see if you can get the correct answer!


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