It seems there are two groups of folks when it comes to horror movies. Those who love them and those who hate them. Yakko & Cheechan are firmly part of the latter. In this week’s episode, they explore the cultural differences of horror films and haunted houses.

ホラー映画は大好きな人と全然ダメな人と二手に分けれることが多いのではないでしょうか?Cheechan と Yakko は完全に後者に当てはまります、笑。今週のエピソードではホラー映画やお化け屋敷についてアメリカと日本の違いについて語り合います。

Did you know there are different seasons for haunted houses? In Japan, summer is the season to scare yourself silly, while in America October is the month for all things scary in celebration of Halloween.


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