Money is pretty universal, though cultural practices and attitudes about money may differ. As such, there are lots of analogies, idioms, and other sayings when it comes to talking about money.


In this week’s special pop quiz episode, Yakko & Cheechan quiz each other specifically on money sayings in English and Japanese. Sharpen your cultural and language skills by listening along and testing your money-related knowledge!

今週はお待ちかね、クイズ・エピソードです!お金にまつわる様々な表現を Cheechan と Yakko がクイズ形式でお互いに出し合います。さぁ、みなさんはいくつ正解できるでしょうか?是非一緒に参加していただき、英会話表現の引き出しを増やしてみましょう!

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