How would you describe your relationship to things? Friendly? Respectful? Or, perhaps you’ve never given it much thought.


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan dive into the topic of their relationships to their things and anthropomorphism – the attribution of human feelings to inanimate things. Yakko likes to talk to her house and Cheechan likes to thank her things.

今週のエピソードでは Cheechan と Yakko のそれぞれにとっての「ものとの関係」について、そしてものを擬人化すること(人間でないものを人間であるかのように表現すること)について語り合います。Yakko は家に語りかけ、Cheechan は自分の身の回りのものに感謝の意を表します。

As it turns out, they both are in the practice of thanking the homes or hotels they stay in while traveling.


Also, this week there is a bonus pop quiz question! Test your fall cultural and language knowledge.


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