One of our core values at Lost in Japanglish is the value of exploration. This includes exploring new places, experiences, and ideas. We believe that though it can be awkward or scary at first, exploration brings new discoveries, fulfillment, and wonder. 


Yakko’s most recent big exploration has been becoming a homeowner and moving to a new part of the country. Meanwhile, Cheechan’s been stepping outside her comfort zone hiking this summer, exploring the mountains of Washington State. 

Yakko の最新の大きな探検は、家を買って新地点へ引っ越したこと。Cheechan の場合は、自身のコンフォートゾーン(居心地の良い空間)を飛び出し、ワシントン州の大自然を堪能すべくハイキングに繰り出す夏を過ごした模様。

Do you love to explore and how do you go about it?


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