Learning a new language is fun and challenging. However, not all aspects of learning a new language are equal.


It’s often easier to learn to listen to a new language than speak it. It’s often easier to learn to read a new language than write it. So much so, that after moving to Japan, Yakko wasn’t able to speak for a few months!

例えば、スピーキングよりリスニングの方が簡単だと感じませんか?そして「書く」ことよりも「読む」ことの方が易しいと感じる方も多いでしょう。現に Yakko は日本に帰国したとき、数ヶ月も日本語が話せず、ダンマリ状態だったのです!

In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan dive into the challenges of learning to speak a new language and their favorite ways to actively practice speaking. 

今週のエピソードでは Cheechan と Yakko のスピーキングにまつわる苦労話や大好きな練習方法を語り合います。

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