Learning a new language is so much more than just building your vocabulary and grammar. There’s also body language and physical communication that differs from culture to culture.


In this week’s podcast episode, Yakko & Cheechan share their many insights and observations about body language in Japan versus the United States. They have both noticed when switching from one language to another, they make subtle and often unconscious changes in posture, facial expressions, and demeanor, such as smiling more or laughing more quietly.

今週のエピソードでは、日本とアメリカのボディーランゲージの違いについて Cheechan と Yakko の体験や発見を語り合います。例えば、ニコニコすることが多かったり、クスクスと少し控えめに笑ったりなど。日本語と英語を行き来するときに、姿勢や顔の表情、そしてふるまいなどが微妙に、かつ時には無意識に変化するのです。

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