Do you have any unique or unusual holidays you like to celebrate? In any given month, week or day, there are many holidays to observe.


In this week’s episode, your hosts, Yakko & Cheechan selected a few lesser-known holidays in Japan and the US to participate in. Yakko chose Nanakusagayu day on January 7th, Rock day on January 8th, and Irori no hi on January 16th.

今週のエピソードでは、Cheechan と Yakko が気になる記念日をいくつか選びます。Yakko は1月7日の七草粥の日、1月8日のロックの日、そして1月16日の囲炉裏の日を楽しんだようです。

Meanwhile, in the US, Cheechan updated her vision board on National Vision Board Day (and shares her tips on creating awesome vision boards) and searched for happiness during the National Hunt for Happiness Week.

Cheechan は、ビジョンボードの日(ビジョンボード作成のコツもご紹介!)と幸せを探す日を選び、小さな幸せを探す体験をシェアしてくれます。

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