Did you know there are peculiar differences in fruits and vegetables in Japan versus the United States?


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan share how eggplant and carrots surprised them the most in Japan and the USA, respectively. They also dive into some fruits and vegetables that are commonplace in one country but hard to find in the other. Can you guess what they are?


Finally, let’s not forget about the differences in artificial flavors! Grape and apple-flavored candies are a world of difference in Japan versus the US!



a segue into: スムーズに、切れ目の無く、滑らかな移り代わりのことを言います。乗り物のセグウェイと同じ発音ですが、乗り物の方はSegwayと書き、全く違うものですので混同しやすい表現です。エピソードの中では the perfect segue into のようにポジティブ系の形容詞が付いていて、a good segue into などのようにポジティブな方向で頻繁に使われる形です。

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