Our Core Values

1. Fun ~楽しむ

We love to have fun, and believe that if learning is fun, we’re much more likely to stick with it and get more out of it. It’s more than simply enjoying something – for us, fun is an attitude.


2. Inspiration ときめく

We strive to do great things. We look for inspiration in everything from nature, artistry, music, people, cats, and experiences. We also want to inspire you to keep trying, keep going, keep growing.


3. Growth ~伸びる:

We are curious creatures and love to learn about all sorts of things about the world, it’s workings, and about ourselves. At Lost in Japanglish we know that the inward journey is just as important as the outward journey.


4. Authenticity ~正直に:

When living a bi-cultural life, there can often be conflicts in expectations and norms. Knowing yourself and being true to who you are becomes a very important life skill.


5. Exploration ~広がる:

We courageously step outside our comfort zone and explore new places, experiences and ideas. Though it can be awkward or scary at first, exploration often brings new discoveries, fulfillment, and wonder.