Yasuko and Chieko found themselves lost in a funny gap between their birth country of Japan and their new home in the USA. The shared experience cemented their life-long friendship as they navigated the vastly different worlds. They created a mash-up of Japanese and English, saying things such as “I’m tabeteru-ing” or “I’m benkyo-ing”.

The bi-cultural/bi-lingual experience had it’s benefits – they spoke two languages, understood two cultures, and developed a global network of friends. It also had many challenges – they didn’t fully belong to either culture, didn’t’ have full mastery of either language, and spent many of the years of their childhood 5000 miles apart before the internet writing letters to each other.

Today Yasuko lives in Tokyo, Japan and Chieko in Seattle, Washington and when they get together, they chat for hours about the vast differences between the countries and living in the gap. Over several visits to each other, the idea of the Lost in Japanglish podcast was born.