What do New York steaks, yakisoba, corn on the cob, and shiitake have in common? They are all scrumptious meals that can be prepared on the barbeque! While cooking with fire is a global practice, it turns out what we cook and how we cook can be quite different?


In this week’s episode, Yakko & Cheechan examine cultural favorites from Japan and the USA. They also share their personal favorite treats to cook up on the barbie! Mochi on the barbie? Oysters on the barbie? Pumpkin on the barbie? Yes, please!

さて今日のエピソードでは Cheechan と Yakko の大好きなBBQ食材を取りあげながらアメリカと日本の「火を使った調理」の違いについて語ります。お餅、牡蠣、かぼちゃなどなど、みなさんは何を焼くのが好きですか?

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