At Lost in Japanglish, we love decluttering! Not only is it Cheechan’s favorite pastime, but it’s also Yakko’s 2020 resolution. In this week’s episode, we check in on how the danshari (decluttering) is going.

ロスジャパ は断捨離が大好き💖!Cheechan にとっては日常の楽しみのひとつ。そして Yakko にとっては今年の抱負の一つ。今週は2人の断捨離進捗について近況報告を!

As it turns out, Yakko hasn’t made as much progress as she would have liked, so she’s starting again but this time with the Konmari method of tidying. Meanwhile, Cheechan continues to declutter to “curate her life.”

どうやら Yakko はあまり進んでいない様子、笑。ところが計画を少し変えて、こんまりさんのメソッドに忠実に進めることにしたようです。その一方、Cheechan の場合は順調で「人生をキューレート(整理・監督・指揮を取ること)」する作業が進んでいるよう!

Are you ready for a challenge? Test your knowledge on the pop quiz at the end of the podcast. This week’s theme is Really Hard Questions!


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